Voice Over Work

Frank Todaro has worked with Sony, Disney, Hasbro, TopWare, Machinima, Wadjet Eye Games and the US Army to name a few.  He has provided voices for national commercials, video games, animations, industrials and more.  Below is a brief look at a few of the projects he has worked on.  Please check the DEMO page for a selection of his voice demo's and the CONTACT page on how to hire Frank.


Lupin the 3rd Part 5

Alongside the original cast, Frank voices multiple characters in this new chapter of Lupin the 3rd. Airing now on Cartoon Network. 

Sword Art Online : Alicization

Frank voices the despicable Chudelkin in the Alicization chapter in the Sword Art Online saga. 

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Frank voices the trickster Tamami Kobayashi in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Bluray now in stores.

Frank voices the trickster Tamami Kobayashi in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Bluray now in stores.

Rising of the Shield Hero

Frank takes on Beloukas the Slave Trader in Rising of the Shield Hero.

Fire Emblem : Heros

Frank plays Greil and Reyson in Nintento's Fire Emblem : Heros

Mob Physco 100

Frank plays host Ebihara Morizo in Mob Physco 100. 

Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty

Frank plays Yucky the Yak, Police, Cat Elves, Gumdrops, and others in RBUK Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty. Airing now on Nickelodeon.

Gundam Build Drivers

Frank plays the subordinate in Gundam Build Drivers.


Frank plays all of the Wydons in the continuation of the classic game

Star Control


Frank plays the Referee and additional voices in Megalobox


Frank plays the fire-wielding Elijah Beckett in Unavowed video game. 

Laws of the Universe : Part 1

Frank plays additional voices in
The Laws of the Universe : Part 1.


YooHoo to the Rescue

YooHoo to the Rescue features Frank as a spunky penguin named Skipee. Now airing on Netflix.

Hunter X Hunter

Frank had the pleasure of appearing in Hunter X Hunter movie Last Mission as well as in the series as Hallow and the maniacal Gun-toting Ant.

The Ladybug

Frank plays a heroic bee in this animated movie The Ladybug


Frank plays a coffee drinking helicopter assassin in Hero Mask airing now on Netflix


Frank plays the adventurer and multiple characters in Konosuba.

Fist of the North Star

Frank plays additional characters in Fist f the North star video game for PS4

Transformers : Power of the Primes

Frank voices Starscream, Trypticon, Sludge, and Longhaul in Hasbro's Transformers: Prime Wars Trilogy. 


Frank voices multiple characters in the series Berserk, including the shape-shifting villain Rakshas and the creepy pirate Bonebeard. 

Granblue Fantasy

Frank voices multiple characters in this epic Fantasy 

Transformers : Titans Return

In Transformers: Titans Return, the second chapter in Hasbro/Machinima's Prime Wars Trilogy, Frank "returns" as well in the role of Starscream. 
All new episodes debut this November on Go90. 
Stay tuned for more!


In the soon to be released science/fantasy video game ELIX, Frank plays the characters; Artag, Hakon, Detlef, Brabak, Smoke and several others.

"Elex is an open-world action role-playing game for PC and Consoles set in a brand new, post-apocalyptic, Science-Fantasy universe where magic meets mechs."



In the game MORPHITE (currently available on Steam, PS4, Xbox One and iOS) Frank plays multiple characters including The Artist, The Torum, Dr. Klone, Clones, Elewok, and  Crystal Guy.


"Morphite is a casual atmospheric FPS, set in a low poly stylized universe and inspired by the classics. Research plants and animals, battle hostile entities, and unravel a mystery surrounding a rare material called Morphite."


Transformers : Combiner Wars

Video : In anticipation of the upcoming 3D animated series Transformers: Combiner Wars, Machinima presents the motion comic 'Prelude to Transformers: Combiner Wars – Starscream.
No longer a villainous Decepticon, the powerful Starscream, voiced by Frank Todaro, reflects on being part of a new unified leadership that rules Cybertron! The full series will be 8 episodes, coming to you Aug. 2!

Frank plays the role of Starscream in Transformers Combiner Wars the most recent chapter in the Transformers franchise.  

Written by Eric S. CalderonGeorge Krstic, and F.J. DeSanto for Machinima and Hasbro. This adult-themed story takes on the topics of politics and war in a modern Cybertron.  


Frank voiced Buzz Lightyear & Zurg in Sony's LittleBigPlanet3.  (He plays his own father!)

The Invizimals

Frank voiced multiple characters in Sony's Invizimals, including Tigershark, Xiong-Mao, Chupacaba, Nekko Suke, Otomo, and every one of the robots!

Ravensword 2 : ShawdowLands

Ravensword 2 : Shadowland is an critically acclaimed open world RPG for mobile and PC platforms. Frank voiced multiple characters including the main character.

Deer God
Deer God is an engaging side scroller in beautiful 8 bit style that is critically acclaimed for it's story telling. 
Frank voiced all of the hunters.
Kathy Rain

Frank plays Joseph Rain and Charles Wade in this intellegent and intriguing point and click by Clifftop Games.

Technobabylon by Wadjet Eye Games is an award winning point-and-click adventure set in a modern dystopian future.
Frank voiced Dr Vargas the first voice you hear in this trailer.

Mecha Workshop's Armauraders is an epic motion comic and toy line.
Frank plays the lead, a hotshot pilot-boy with a destiny, Cameron "Cam" Knox. He pilots the Bellerophon an amazing mech that has an even more amazing toy you can purchase in real life! Below Frank poses with him at San Diego Comic Con.

You can watch the episodes by clicking below and look at more detailed photos of the Bellerophon here https://www.mecha.club


Two World's 2 Pirates Flying Fortress

Frank plays multiple characters in Two world's 2 : Pirates of the Flying Fortress, developed by Reality Pump Studios and Published by TopWare Interactive.

In this trailer, Frank is all but one character.  That's him being cheeky in the end also! (Caution: harsh language in this trailer makes it NSFW. )

Warhammer 40k : Freeblade

In Warhammer 40k : Freeblade by Pixel Toys in association with Games Workshop, Frank voices all of the Orcs, Demons and the HUD Console. 

Magic Mixup

Magic Mixup from FullFat Studios is an infectious matching game with adorable animal characters you can collect and all are voiced by Frank!

Beast Wars :Theft of the Golden Disk

Frank plays the character of Dirge in this two-part epic that acts as a prequel to the Transformers series Beast Wars.

Beast Wars : Theft of the Golden Disk was aired at BotCon 2007 as part of the Transformers Collectors Club in conjunction with Hasbro and directed by Trent Troop.

When Hairy met Shaggy 

Frank provided voices for the Lifetime Channel series Hollywood Tails, which parodies classic movies by replacing the leads with dogs.

Watch When Hairy met Shagy in this Hollywood Tails take on When Harry met Sally.
Frank plays Harry in this silly Lifetime gem.

One of Frank's earliest VO jobs, Full Stealth Films and Voig.com present MMOVIE, a feature length machinima comedy created within the World of Warcraft. 
Frank plays the lead Indiana Pawnz.
Ride to Hell
In this game Frank plays outlaws Greasy Steve, Colt and many others. 
Created by Eutechenyx and published by Deep Silver.  Rated MA for mature audiences (as is the trailer).

Port of Los Angeles

Frank narrated this informational short film for the Port of Los Angeles (along with the mayor himself!)
Frank works with various companies such as Transperfect, creating a lively and informative voice for a business meeting or a training video. He has worked with cities, comapanies and military in various topics and media forms.

Transformers : Earth Wars

Frank has worked on the real-time strategy game Transformers:Earth Wars as a creative advisor, assisted in writing copy and laying down voice tracks.  TF:EW is now available on your mobile device here!

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