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Interviews & Panels

Interviews and Panels

Frank acts as master of ceremonies for various live events accross the country, including BOTCON, the yearly Hasbro-sponsored Transformers convention where he conducted interview panels with celebrity guests,  “Yuri’s Night”, the annual party/symposium celebrating the first man in space and The Space Frontier Foundation’s New Space gala and lecture series,

Frank has an extensive knowledge of pop culture, science and media figures which he uses to  deliver in depth and witty interviews capable of drawing out the best out from the guests

Lectures and Gala hosts

Frank also gives multi-media lectures on a wide array of topics, having presented at many symposuums, conventions and special events on subjects such as the history of spirit photography, NASA's New Horizons mission and UFO sightings in the Victorian age.  
He delivers entertaining audio visual presentations that are often interactive with a humerous undercurrent to engage the audience.  

Frank has hosted and produced several shows and events accross America in his career.
He preformed in the role of the third 'Doctor' for the Official BBC America Doctor Who Season Six Preimere launch party and stage show (which basically makes Frank the first Amercan to play the Doctor for the BBC!).
Frank hosted and produced the NYCC Preshow in both 2010 and in 2011.
Frank has hosted the Yuri's Night World Space Party celebration for several years in conjuntion with the Space Frontier Foundation, Teacher's in Space and other organizations.
Frank hosted and produced The Invisible World Live, a sold out off broadway show which brought former guests from various fields to speak before a live audience, with musical guests and interactive multimedia presentations.
Frank co-hosted the Jem and The Holograms event for Hasbro at the Bell House in NYC, preformed stand-up at The Shat Ball, a celebration of William Shatners birthday, was a member of the improv troupeStart Trekkin', and his own production Critical Hit over multiple years.

Host & Producer of the Science Fiction Double Feature which included coreographed stage combat, lectures, comedians, and variety acts,  a Mystery Science Theatre inspired show called Audio Commentary at the off broadway theatre The Tank, where he sat as its Film Curator for several years. You can see move improv and theatre over at the Audio Improvisor page.

Pictured top Right to bottom Left: Guerilla Science festival where Frank was a in game announcer for the Oblic Olympics in Washington D.C.. Frank getting in the Astronaught spirit with Nasa at the New York Maker's Faire, Frank taking questions from the audience at BotCon 2016, Frank interviewing Judd Nelson at BotCon2016, Frank hosted the NewSpace Frontier Gala in Goldstone, Frank lectures about Spirit Photography. 

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