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TV Spots and Acting

Ocassionally Frank graces the screen in the flesh.

He has appeared in several segments of the program Sci Fi Science: Physics of the Impossible with Michio Kaku where they discussed some of the more high-concept ideas in theoretical physics.
He has also taken part in the "24 Hour Show" for MTV as an on-camera production assistant/character, as well as performing the role of host in the paranormal-themed television pilot Beyond Haunted.  
Frank has also done some extra work, most notably as a featured graduation attendee in Amazing Spider-Man 2


He has played roles in many film shorts, including the mock-movie trailer "Pac Man: The Movie" where he played Michael Pacman, the CEO of a pharmecutical company given a taste of his own medicine.  That particular project picked up over two million views, and received praise from USA Today, Geekologie, Ryan Seacrest's blog, Kotaku, and publications around the world, and is still getting positive "funny" votes on Funny or Die. 

Video : Check out the zombie short Cafe of the Dead will tickle your brain in it's camp low budget glory.

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