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Radio Shows

The Invisible World

Frank is creator and host of the award winning paranormal and science based radio program The Invisible World which has been on the air for six years and syndicated around the world.


On the show Frank presents stories on science, space flight and new technologies as well as things that go bump in the night, woosh accross the sky and rummage through your garabage after hours. Special guests have included everyone from members of the private space industry and NASA to Stanton Friedman, psychics, paranormal investegators, and more, offering a level playing field to the accepted sciences and the less-accepted ones alike. The ultimate goal of the program is to get listeners to be okay with admitting that they do not know something, and to keep an open mind to opposing viewpoints wherever they land on an issue. 

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Spirits & Spirits

Spectral Retrospective

Award winning traveling radio show that showcases the spooky history of small towns and the distilleries that have flourished there.


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Spectral Retrospective
Two poular personalities in paranormal media discuss the state of affairs around it.
Hosts Frank Todaro and Terry Konig.

UFO History Lesson

UFO History Lesson
Objective discussion on high profile mysteries through out the years.

Guest Appearences and Special Features

Frank has made many guest appearences on other programs and participated in special feature segments over the years. You may have heard him on these other awesomre programs and radio stations, as a DJ for WHRT, narrator for Historical Hauntings Canada, guest on the Ghostman & Demon Hunter, co-host on Eye on the Future, announcer for Behind the Paranormal and many more. Interested in working with Frank please check out the contact page!

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